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Sales And Support

Collaborates with other sales leaders in establishing and recommending realistic sales goals for the company.

Establishes and manages effective programs to compensate, coach, appraise and train sales personnel.

Accurately forecasts monthly sales against specific target
Reviews team performance monthly.
Develops specific plans to ensure revenue growth.

Works with Sales Operations to implement and maintain Standard Operating Procedures



SEO marketers are required to translate business goals into successful SEO campaigns, analyze the performance of SEO efforts and help to increase search engine rankings for websites.

Students in this program compare traditional marketing to Internet marketing. They also study the basics of search engine marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising and web analytics. Graduation from this program can lead to a career as a digital marketing specialist, SEO specialist or digital sales executive.


  Website Design

Creating HTML pages
Best knowledge in HTML,PHP,Java script,CSS
Writing and editing content
Designing webpage layout
Determining technical requirements
Updating websites
Creating back up files
Solving code problems
Fundamentals of design imaging
Basic web design
Multimedia design
Content management
Editing for video and audio
Multimedia programming and technology


 Social Media Marketing

What you post on your Social channels is the foundation for all your other Social Media marketing.

 This includes your core values and beliefs, and the reasons people want to buy from YOU.

 What are their requirements, what problems can you solve, where do they spend their time, and how can you help them?

The more advanced form of Facebook marketing utilizes Facebook ads and optimized landing pages to capture leads and convert them into sales. _________________________________________

  Digital Marketing

 Digital marketing professionals in positions of leadership,required to provide clear direction to the other members of the marketing team, such as the copywriter, web designer and sales executives.


 Account & Finance Management

Account And financial management involves allocating the financial resources of a company in a way that maximizes its wealth and profitability.

Payment Scheduling

Raising Invoices

Keeping Track Of Sales

Incentives And Salary structure.

It may help determine if there is sufficient revenue to cover the company’s expenses and anticipated investments and still provide for a dividend distribution.