About Us

PROPSHIKAAR is headquartered in Bangalore.

We are tied up with all “A” category builders across Bangalore and Pune and helping our Customers to get the best deal and premium availability as per their requirements.

Propshikaar is a full service Estate Sale Company that will help customers obtain the best possible prices for their possessions.

We understand that the process of liquidating personal possessions is often overwhelming and difficult for family members and you.

With over 1000 sales experience, we combine integrity and compassion along with our hard work and organization to provide best service to end users and investors.​​ We value our customers time more than trump values publicity.

Why Us?

 Propshikaar has a rich history of providing dependable real estate service to its clients.


  We understand client’s requirements as la location, budget, type and suggest the best properties according to their need.


 For five years in a row, we have achieved Best Channel Partner Award by closing more number of deals in residential apartments.


 We have remain committed to maintaining a diverse portfolio from low prices to high prices/quality apartment structures.


 We give world-class solutions at honest prices.


 It is planning further expansion across the World.


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  HSR Layout, Sector 7, Bangalore 560102



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